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Food supplement vitamin K2 120mcg JutaVit, 60 tablets

Food supplement vitamin K2 120mcg JutaVit, 60 tablets JutaVit K2 120 μg tabletsFood supplement60 tabletsIngredients. Filling microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, tackifier fatty acids, tackifier magnesium salts of fatty acids, menaquinone. 1...
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Swanson Vitamin K2 50 µg, 30 soft capsules

VITAMIN K2 ( MENACHINONE-7 ) Food supplement 30 soft capsules Net quantity 11 g Vitamin K2 is the main form of vitamin K in the human body. Vitamin K helps...
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CureSupport Vitamin K2 + D3 in liposomes, 60ml

Liquid nutritional supplementVITAMINS K2 + D3 IN LIPOSOMES Net quantity:60 ml. Apricot flavor with sweetener. Ingredient Benefits: Vitamin D:helps maintain normal bone condition; helps maintain normal muscle function; helps maintain...