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Welcome to our online store's diabetes support category, specifically curated to provide nutritional supplements tailored to the needs of individuals with diabetes. Our goal is to support you in managing your blood sugar levels and promoting overall well-being.

Take control of your diabetes and make positive changes to support your health. Explore our diabetes support category to find the supplements that align with your needs and embark on a journey towards better blood sugar control and improved overall well-being. Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

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Diabetes SupportDigestive Supplements

CHAGA, BIRCH MUSHROOM herbal tea, 50g

Herbal tea "CHAGA" Chaga mushroom extract can help fight cancer and improve immunity, reduce chronic inflammation, and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.Black birch mushrooms contain many health-promoting vitamins, minerals,...
Diabetes SupportDigestive Supplements

Vitamir lipoic acid, 30 tablets

Vitamir lipoic acid, 30 tablets Food supplement The lipoic acid contained in the preparation starts fat burning processes in the body, suppresses the feeling of hunger, uses glucose for energy...
Diabetes SupportImmunity Supplements

YVES PONROY GLYCOBIOL for sugar control, 40 tablets

Food supplement GLYCOBIOL Net quantity:28g (40 tablets) To maintain normal glucose (sugar) concentration Medicinal fenugreek extract and chromium - helps to maintain normal blood glucose concentration. Magnesium helps to maintain:...
AntioxidantsDiabetes Support

EVALAR LAMINARIA natural iodine from seaweed, 100 tablets

Food supplement Evalar natural iodine from sea kale 200 μg. Sea kale is rich in minerals such as iodine, selenium, copper and iron, which the body uses for many important...
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Stevia powder 150 packets of 1.2 mg Enjoy sweetness without worries, suitable for diabetics. 1.2g of stevia powder = 4g. of sugar 4g. of sugar = 16 cal. Stevia -...
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Himalaya Pilex 100 tab

Food supplement Himalaya Pilex 100 tab Himalaya Pilex is a dietary supplement made from Ayurvedic herbs, ideal for vein stimulation. An excellent combination for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Relieves pain,...
€18,99 €12,49
Diabetes SupportImmunity Supplements

Himalaya Turmeric (harida) Turmeric 60 tab

Food supplement. Himalaya™ Turmeric (harida) Turmeric Pack size: 60 capsules.Net quantity: 30.3g Haridra (turmeric / Curcuma longa) is a vital herb in Ayurvedic medicine, whose spice form can be identified...
€18,99 €12,49
ChromeDiabetes Support

Swanson CHROMIUM PICOLINATE 200 µg, 100 Capsules

CHROME N100 Food supplement 100 capsules Net quantity 55 g Chromium is a mineral that is required by the body for the proper functioning of glucose regulation mechanisms. Picolinate is...
€18,99 €12,99
ChromeDiabetes Support

HANKINTATUKKU KROMISAN Chromium Picolinate, 120 tablets

Food supplement Kromisan Chromium Picolinate Net quantity: 48 g ( 120 tablets ) Chromium picolinate can help control blood sugar levels and help maintain healthy glucose metabolism. This is especially...
AntioxidantsCholesterol Lowering

Berberine 300 mg ACONITUM, 50 capsules

Berberine 300 mg Aconitum Food supplement 50 capsules Ingredients: 1 in capsule RMV *, % Mahonia aquifolium extract (equiv. 300 mg berberine hydrochloride) 300 mg - RMV* - reference nutritional...
ChromeDiabetes Support

CINNAMON + ORGANIC CHROMIUM + EXTRACTS, JutaVit Food supplement, 120 tablets

CINNAMON + ORGANIC CHROMIUM + EXTRACTS, Food supplement, 120 tablets Food supplement Cinnamon + organic chromium + ginger extract + dill seed extract For blood sugar/glucose control Cinnamon helps to...
Diabetes SupportEvalar Supplements

Evalar OLIDŽIM food supplement for sugar control with inulin, 100 capsules

Evalar Olidzim, Food supplement for sugar control, 100 capsules Food supplement for sugar control OLIDZIM (Inulin) Evalar N100 Ingredients: inulin, extract of sedge (Gymnema sylvestre), adhesion-regulating substances microcrystalline cellulose and...
ChromeDiabetes Support

SANCT BERNHARD Chromium Picolinate 200 µg, 250 tablets

Food supplement Chrom - Picolinat 200 µg Tabletten Net content: 63 g (250 tablets). The package is enough even for a period of 8 months. Ingredients:filler microcrystalline cellulose, release agent...
AntioxidantsCholesterol Lowering

SWANSON Berberine 400 mg, 60 capsules

SWANSON berberine, 60 capsules Berberine is a natural product made from barberry (Berberis aristata) and contains at least 97%. berberine. Berberine is a natural alkaloid found in a variety of...
AntioxidantsBeauty Supplements

BERBERINE + SILYMARIN Swiss Herbal, 60 capsules

BERBERINE + SILYMARIN 60 capsules Food supplement BERBERINE + SYLIMARIN is a synergistic couple that comprehensively supports the liver. First, it protects this precious organ from harmful toxins and promotes...
€30,99 €23,90
AntioxidantsCholesterol Lowering

Berberine, 60 capsules

BERBERINE, Food supplement 60 capsules Net content: 30.6 g (explanation: 60 capsules of 510 mg) Suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients: Berberis aristata dry extract (containing at least98% berberine), tackifier magnesium salts...
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDiabetes Support

ENTEROSGEL absorbent for cleaning the body, 10 sachets

Food supplement ENTEROSGEL 10 sachets of 15g each. Gastric and intestinal absorbent in a tube. Method of use: for adults and children older than 15 years: 15 - 22.5 g....
AntioxidantsBrain & Memory Support

Swanson PYCNOGENOL pine bark extract, 50 capsules

PYCNOGENOL 50MG N50 Food supplement 50 capsules Net quantity 12 g Pycnogenol is a plant-based antioxidant derived from the bark of the French maritime pine. This supplement is beneficial for...