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Prioritize your weight control journey with our specially curated supplements. Shop our weight control category today and explore the options available to support your weight management goals. Embrace a proactive approach to weight control and optimize your overall well-being.

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Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

Slimmix Super Detox, Food supplement for weight control, 500ml

HANKINTATUKKU Slimmix SuperDetox Food supplement Liquid Net quantity:500 ml Magnesium contained in the food supplement helps maintain the balance of electrolytes, maintain normal energy metabolism and performs a certain function...
AntioxidantsBeauty Supplements

BERBERINE + SILYMARIN Swiss Herbal, 60 capsules

BERBERINE + SILYMARIN 60 capsules Food supplement BERBERINE + SYLIMARIN is a synergistic couple that comprehensively supports the liver. First, it protects this precious organ from harmful toxins and promotes...
€30,99 €23,90
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

For digestion FORSKOLIN + ARTICHOKE Swiss Herbal, 60

For Digestion, Appetite Reduction, Fat Burner food supplement FORSKOLIN + ARTICHOKE Swiss Herbal, 60 capsules FORSKOLIN + ARTICHOKE is a unique, synergistic combination of two ingredients traditionally used to support...
€30,99 €20,99
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

EVALAR Turboslim night food supplement for slimming, 30 capsules

Food supplement Turboslim Night Evalar For faster metabolism and fat burning Net quantity: 30 capsules Ingredients: garcinia extract, senna extract, capsule components (food additives): gelatin; indigo carmine, titanium dioxide (dyes);...
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

EVALAR Turboslim day food supplement for slimming, 30 capsules

Food supplement Turboslim Diena Evalar For faster metabolism, fat burning and blood sugar regulation. Net quantity: 30 capsules Ingredients: L-carnitine tartrate, guarana paulownia extract, common cherry berry extract, inulin, viscosity-regulating...
Digestive SupplementsImmunity Supplements

SANCT BERNHARD artichokes with papaya for digestion and liver function, 160 tablets

Food supplement Artischochen - Papaya - Tabletten Net quantity:110 g (160 tablets) Artichokes help maintain normal liver function and support detoxification. Papain is an enzyme produced from the papaya fruit....
Cholesterol LoweringImmunity Supplements

SPIRULINA Sanct Bernhard, 360 tablets

Food supplement Spirulina-Tabletten Net quantity: 207 g (360 tablets) Ingredients: spirulina platensis, filler cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, release agent rice bran extract. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy...
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For effective slimming Extra Minceur Globale Vitavea, 500ml

For effective slimming Extra Minceur Globale 500 ml. "Vitavea" Your ally for fat burning, fluid removal through the kidneys. 100% natural and plant-based active ingredients. Good blackcurrant taste. Extra Minceur...
€25,90 €18,50
Cholesterol LoweringImmunity Supplements

Swanson SPIRULINA 500 mg, 180 tablets

Food supplement SPIRULINA N180 Net quantity: 144 g ( 180 tablets ) Spirulina is a cyanobacterial plant with many beneficial properties. This aquatic plant is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals...
Cholesterol LoweringDigestive Supplements

GLUCOMANNAN JutaVit, for weight, cholesterol control, 120 capsules

Food supplement GLUCOMANAN JutaVit, 120 capsules For weight control For cholesterol control Chromium helps to maintain normal metabolism of food macronutrients, normal blood glucose concentration. Glucomannan aids in weight loss...
Brain & Memory SupportImmunity Supplements

Swanson L - TYROSINE 500 mg, 100 Capsules

L-TYROSINE N100 Food supplement 100 capsules Net quantity 72 g What are the benefits of L-tyrosine for human health: Improves brain function: L-tyrosine is a precursor to many important brain...
€22,99 €16,99
Cholesterol LoweringDigestive Supplements

Swanson Glucomannan 665 mg, 90 Capsules

GLUCOMANNAN N90 Food supplement 90 capsules Net quantity 80 g Glucomannan can help: For weight control: Glucomannan can help you eat less and reduce calorie intake, and can also reduce...
€22,93 €16,90
Cholesterol LoweringImmunity Supplements

SWANSON Spirulina 500mg (Organic USA) N180

SPIRULINA (ORGANIC USA) N180 Food supplement180 tabletsSwanson food supplement Spirulina N180 is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and certified in the USA as an organic product. Swanson's...
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

Slim food supplement for weight control, 30 packets

GET SLIM POWDER, 30 PACKS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT "SLIM" benefits: Intestine, in case of malnutrition, To supplement the diet with fiber, Exercising to reduce weight, For cholesterol. Glucomannan (konjac mannan) is...
Digestive SupplementsEvalar Supplements

EVALAR Pineapple extract for weight control and digestion, 40 tablets

Food supplement Pineapple extract Evalar for weight control with bromelain Net quantity: 40 tablets ( 8.8 g ) Pineapple extract can have a positive effect on health due to the...
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

MERIT food supplement for weight control and bowel cleansing with rhubarb, 21 tablets

Food supplement for bowel cleansing, laxatives, weight control. Rhubarb roots help support intestinal function.A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. fruit peel extract, adhesive agent talc,...
Cleanse & Detox SupplementsDigestive Supplements

Herbal tea ANTI-ADIPOSE for slimming and cleansing the body, 30 packets

HERBAL TEA ANTI-ADIPOSE, 30 packets × 2.5 g Chinese herbal tea for weight control (30 packets of 2.5g each) Ingredients: green tea, chopped lotus leaves, chopped bamboo leaves, chopped mallow...
Cholesterol LoweringImmunity Supplements

Spirulina 500 mg + phycocyanin + beta-carotene, 60 tablets

Spirulina 500mg, 60 tablets. Food supplement Spirulina 500 mg + phycocyanin + beta-carotene, 60 tablets Spirulina is an excellent source of antioxidants that can protect cells from oxidative damage. The...
Evalar SupplementsHormone Support for Menopause supplements

Evalar GINEKOL, Food supplement for women, 40 tablets

Evalar GINEKOL, Food supplement for women, 40 tablets The plants in the composition of this preparation (common sedum, bloodwort) are a source of biologically active substances flavanoids and arbutin, which...