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Food supplement for Men TONGKAT ALI + BLACK ANT, Swiss Herbal 60 capsules, For physical/sexual activity, testosterone production.

Food supplements for men TONGKAT ALI + BLACK ANT is an excellent natural support for physical and sexual activity. This preparation supports both the body's natural metabolic processes and testosterone production. As a result, it contributes to improving muscle strength and endurance. It also has a positive effect on the immune system and blood circulation, thus providing long-lasting vitality.

Improves strength and endurance:Tongkat Ali supplements have been shown to increase physical performance in numerous clinical studies. Study participants experienced significantly less fatigue after consuming an extract of this herb. In addition, it was found that their muscle mass and strength increased. The main mechanism that can cause this effect is the stimulation of the natural production and activity of free testosterone. In addition, "Malaysian ginseng" facilitates the consumption of energy stored in adipose tissue. Black ant extract provides valuable minerals needed for proper muscle function, including zinc and magnesium, and also has an analgesic effect. In addition, it is rich in ecdysterone, a hormone produced by insects with a chemical structure similar to human androgens.

Supports potency and libido:Clinical studies have shown that Tongkat Ali is effective in increasing libido levels, increasing erections, improving penile stiffness and can also delay ejaculation . This effect is likely due to this herb's ability to stimulate testosterone production. In addition, "Malaysian ginseng" contains active compounds that improve sperm motility. Black ants also increase the appetite for intimate contact, and this has been observed in both sexes. Traditionally, they have been used to help people with low libido. Like Tongkat Ali, this ingredient increases natural testosterone production and thus supports sexual function. There is no doubt that black ant extract contains a high amount of zinc that is easily absorbed. After all,

Strengthens vitality and immunity:In traditional Chinese medicine, black ant extract is primarily used to support the body's vitality and longevity. It contains many nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this extract strengthens natural immunity and prevents premature aging. As an adaptogenic herb, Tongkat Ali also has various health-enhancing properties. It has been shown to support the effectiveness of the immune response by increasing the number of T-cells, white blood cells whose main job is to neutralize pathogens. It also helps fight oxygen free radicals by enhancing the antioxidant properties of black ants. Tongkat Ali also normalizes blood pressure and cortisol levels.


TONGKAT ALI + BLACK ANT formula properties

Tongkat Ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It is widely known as "Malaysian Ginseng" in the herbal community. And while it is in no way related to "true" ginseng, it has the same comprehensive, health-enhancing effects as the widely recognized Panax ginseng herb. Black ants, in turn, are a popular raw material from traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, ants of the species Polyrhachis vicina have been used to improve general body functioning and sexual function. The combination of Tongkat Ali with black ants enhances the adaptogenic, health-promoting properties of both extracts. Their synergistic activity primarily contributes to increasing testosterone levels. Both ingredients support the natural production of this hormone, which means better libido, muscle strength and endurance. There is no doubt that many men may be interested in the fact that the extracts of this formula contribute to potency, improve the quality of erection, and also have a positive effect on the quality of sperm. As a truly adaptogenic combination, both ingredients strengthen the body's defenses by stimulating lymphocyte production and inducing anti-inflammatory properties. They help to neutralize oxygen free radicals and thus neutralize the aging process and keep the body in good condition. Therefore, it is not surprising that both Tongkat Ali and black ant extract are generating interest among natural medicine enthusiasts. In the new edition, we present a product that combines the best properties of both of these traditional ingredients. Not surprisingly, both Tongkat Ali and black ant extract are generating interest among natural medicine enthusiasts. In the new edition, we present a product that combines the best properties of both of these traditional ingredients. Not surprisingly, both Tongkat Ali and black ant extract are generating interest among natural medicine enthusiasts. In the new edition, we present a product that combines the best properties of both of these traditional ingredients.

TONGKAT ALI + BLACK ANT is an adaptogenic recipe that offers a wide range of properties. This product is specially designed for physically active people who want to improve their performance both in sports and in the bedroom. However, the health-enhancing properties of this mixture are so universal that the product can be recommended to everyone. It will be useful as a daily maintenance of general health, with particular emphasis on immunity and physical capacity.

Tongkat Ali BioSynergy™ Ingredients:

Tongkat Ali | Eurycoma longifolia
  • extract 100:1 (425 mg / 2 caps. )
Tongkat ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia.  Because of its many health-enhancing properties, it has been given a special nickname, “Malaysian Ginseng”.  Tongkat ali significantly improves libido by increasing testosterone production.  It also shows anabolic properties as it promotes the growth of muscle mass.  In this way, it has a positive effect on physical activity and can be used effectively before training.  In addition, the active compounds present in this plant reduce cortisol levels and reduce stress.  They also protect the nervous system from harmful factors.  In general, tongkat ali can be beneficial for both the body and the mind.
Black ant | Polyrhachis vicina
  • extract 20:1 (425 mg / 2 caps. )
Black ant extract is a natural resource that plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicine.  It is made from edible ants of the genus Polyrhachis vicina found in Southeast Asia.  The extract contains many active compounds that improve physical performance and increase muscle strength.  They also support male sexual functions.  This is possible because there is a certain hormone, ecdysterone, that works in a similar way to testosterone.  In addition, the high zinc content in black ant extract supports the proper functioning of the reproductive system, including sperm production and reaching orgasm.  When it comes to the nervous system, black ants stimulate the activity of certain neurotransmitters, primarily serotonin.  dopamine and noradrenaline.  This in turn gives you more energy and motivation.  The extract also affects the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells that fight infection.

TONGKAT ALI + BLACK ANT formula specification

  • preparation in gelatin capsules
  • 2 capsules daily or as directed by healthcare professional
[850 mg / 2 caps. ]
  • hermetic PET bottle 100 ml / 120 ml
  • nutrition, neuroregulation, research
  • the preparation has been placed on the market in the EU and the USA

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